On the initiative of the European Commission, a collective 2-euro „35 Years Erasmus Program“ commemorative coin with common motif will be issued in 2022 by all EU member countries. This is the 5th series in which all 19 countries with euro currency are participating. The premium, mahogany-coloured coin case serves to store all 23 2-euro coins of the collective issues 2022 „35 Years Erasmus Program“ in capsules incl. the 5 German Mints (A, D, F, G, J). One inlay with blue, velour-like surface and 23 round cavities for inserting the capsuled coins. Noble, theme specific lid and cushion print as well as inscription of the inlay with country markings. Unobtrusive magnetic closure. Outer Format: 305 x 30 x 245 mm. - Storage for the complete 2022 „Erasmus“ 2-euro series. - Presentable and safe storage of the coins - Noble lid design - Inlay with velour-like surface with gold-coloured country markings.
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Volterra Uno -Ξύλινη Κασετίνα Παρουσίασης Για 23 Νομίσματα των 2 Ευρώ ERASMUS PROGRAMME

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