On the initiative of the European Commission, a collective 2-euro „35 Years Erasmus Program“ commemorative coin with common motif will be issued in 2022 by all EU member countries. This is the 5th series in which all 19 countries with euro currency are participating. As with previous collective issues, there will be a PRESSO Album and will be titled „35 Year Erasmus Program“. The coin album contains valuable background information about the Erasmus Program. The national flags of all countries participating in the Erasmus Program have been integrated into the design. The attractive look and high quality workmanship of the sturdy carton awake interest in this collective issue. The coin album has 23 pre-cut cavities (incl. Germany A-J) into which the un-capsulated coins can be lightly pressed into. In this way you can steadily complete your collection while maintaining a good overview. Presso coin album for the 2022 „Erasmus“ Collective Issues High-quality workmanship and easy handling Room for 23 2-euro coins incl. Germany A-J
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Leuchtturm - Presso Άλμπουμ Erasmus Για 23 Χώρες του Ευρώ 2022

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